Swot Analysis Of Daos Shipping Corporation

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SWOT analysis or else the strategic tool meaning strength, weakness, opportunities and threats used by top managers to organize and plan any kind of company. To be more specific, Danaos Shipping Corporation uses all along the SWOT analysis as a technique to evaluate the financial year passed, as well as setting new goals. Needless to say that Danaos as a company is one of the best leading organizations in shipping, having the preferred place at SWOT, renewing the process and creating business plans within diversed departments in such company. The obligatory ones that need to be mentioned are the marketing, finance, operations, management information systems and strategic planning. SWOT analysis’ context actually focuses on the internal and external strategic factors. These kinds of factors are divided into two categories each. Thus, the internal strategic factors have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the external strategic ones contain opportunities and threats. To sum up, the above suggestions have conjured the SWOT analysis. Its purpose is to combine those four and be the best of all, alienating all competitors by specific strategies. Danaos shipping company builds and enhances strengths, resolves and reduces weaknesses, exploits and expands opportunities and, finally, avoids and thwarts threats.


Danaos shipping corporation varies quite the strengths, which allows it to
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