Swot Analysis Of Daycare

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• A small amount of visibility as a cause of being new to the industry.
• The power to bring in and keep well trained cares takers.
• The lack of ability to perfectly predict the amount of children that will need to be cared for and the amount of care takers that will need to be at work.

• A market that is still growing and a majority of the people in the market not yet aware of our daycare.
• Higher revenue as a cause of more and more people having to go to work.
• The number of children served has grown and the fixed prices have been spread thinner over a bigger customer base.

• Other daycare in the area improves their services in order to match or one up our daycare.
• Public scares regarding daycares such as, a
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• Increase the per child profit margin by a percent per quarter.

Target Marketing

This daycare is targeting one specific customer group, the middle to upper class, two income professional family. This group of families have both parents working, not allowing them time to raise their child during the day. This group has the money for child care, and are willing to spend a little extra to get a higher level of care. This customer section has begun to teach their child more advanced concepts such as singing, reading, socializing and so on. We will continue develop their child’s skills.

This group of customers is normally made up of two working parents. This could explain two things, why the parents have the money to pay for a more complex child care and it could also explain why the parents are motivated in terms of making sure their child is learning and developing properly.
This daycare aims to focus on families with two working parents because they can usually afford a nice daycare, need a daycare because both parents are working, they understand and appreciate a more advanced daycare system and two income professional families are a growing part of
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Keeping that in mind we will have a special training program that each employee must go through, this is so each employee will be an expert at the program teaching the program to the kids.

Innovative learning programs:
Most learning programs for children this age concentrate on one particular mannerism and work on only that. This is usually effective when strengthening the child’s skill, and is frequently difficult for the child to find the relationship between that skill and other skills. When this happens, the child learns the skill but there is an inability to apply these skills when faced with a situation in need of it.
Strategy Pyramids

Our main objective is to make this daycare the leading daycare in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Our marketing approach is to create customer mindfulness concerning the service that will be provided, create the client base and then start building customer loyalty and recommendations for our daycare.

We will try to get the message out that we offer the most complex/sophisticated childcare and development center in Elizabethtown. We will communicate this in a couple different ways. We will be doing advertisements in the local paper; we will also be doing advertisements on the local radio

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