Dell's Competitive Brand Case Study

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Dell’s Competitive and Innovative Brand
Dell a well renowned brand which was established and founded by Michael Dell in the year 1984 used to provide hardware upgrade for its corporate customers. In 1985 Dell changed its strategy to “build to order” computers due to which the company generated $70 million in sales. Couple of year’s later dell generated impressive revenue of $25 billion and this rise in revenue was particularly due to supply chain and manufacturing innovations and through a powerful distribution strategy which it did by analyzing market trends closely and by making strategic value chain changes. Dell was one of the top and dominating brands in such a small span of time where lots of companies were even struggling to launch their products and this was due to its direct business model strategy which was certainly a turning point in industries history.
Dells direct model was very unique feature of making product available to consumers without the use middleman. Firstly it used the mail order system to take the orders from customers and then it took advantage to develop online sales platform in which customers could directly place their
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Dell can attribute much of its success to their customer values, effective supply chain, global expansion and financial performance. Dell plans to be competitive by broadening its portfolio with tablets and better optimizing its channel of distribution. However Dell needs to focus on marketing and advertising aspects in order to compete with market saturation, and focus on the quality of their products to ensure their strategy is aligned with what consumers are seeking for. Further Dell needs to prioritize innovation in their products and services to retain their position in the market, and also explore new markets to expand their

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