Swot Analysis Of Delta Airlines

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Delta Airlines is an airline that focuses on their mission and vision statement ( 2017). Their mission and vision statement clearly states, “We—Delta’s employees, customers, and community partners together form a force for positive local and global change, dedicated to bettering standards of living and the environment where we and our customers live and work.” (Delta, 2017) This statement displays loyalty to Delta customers and their employees. The airline industry in general, including Delta, which provides a service to millions of customers yearly. Customers spend a lot of money to travel by air and airlines like Delta honoring their customers through their mission and vision statements by doing what’s right in customer service,…show more content…
In general Airline industries continues to facilitate through international investments, various world trade and majority of tourism. The Airline industry’s over-all profits are seen mainly in their economic growth and world trade. In the 1990’s, the airline industry was struggling due the current era’s world recession and the Gulf War had effected oil prices which effected gas prices. The passenger rates of international airfares dropped substantially in 1991, the loss of travel during the Gulf War effected global tourism. The imporatance of Stakeholders in the Airline industry pays big dividends in the success of air…show more content…
What sets competitors apart in the airline industry is how they get their customers to their destination. When coming out ahead of their competitor’s airline companies must focus on three areas; competitive differentiation, service quality and productivity. When an airline company focuses on improving in these three fields they can increase their outreach and customer preference. The airline industry is also known for its nonlinear pricing because they sell economy, first class, business class etc. tickets and at different prices before a flight. This is another area that airline companies focus on as ticket sales are directly related to their operating income and affect customer satisfaction. Delta Airlines is proving to show that they have incorporated these areas and that is why in most recent years have seen record operating
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