Swot Analysis Of Denim Jeans

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FUTURE POTENTIAL OF THE SECTOR The Asia-Pacific region denim jeans demand is mainly from countries like India and China. The western dressing style has influenced a lot and is expected to continue resulting in denim wear increased growth in coming years in these countries. Rural demand is also expected to outstrip urban demand as the rural market remains significantly under-penetrated.India exports are expected to grow faster than domestic market, and is estimated to increase. Growing demand in both domestic and export markets, is expected to boost the domestic denim fabric industry and the jeans segment is expected to witness steady growth. CRISIL Research expects the market for denim jeans to reach Rs. 114 billion in 2018 from…show more content…
(RKS) Source: Cottonyarnmarket.com-September 26, 2014 KEY EMERGING TRENDS: online retailing trends: Domestic demand trends: As per the recent United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects Report, India will be the fastest growing economy in 2016 and 2017. At this pace India is likely to become the fifth largest consumer economy by 2025, up from the current 12th position. In FY16, India’s Per Capita Income (PCI) rose by ~7.3% to Rs. 93,231 over FY15. At this rate, the PCI will cross the Rs. 1 lakh threshold in FY17. The PCI growth has led to the growth of the Indian middle class making India an attractive market globally. Also, the country’s consumer spending is likely to double to USD 2.4 tn by FY19 and can reach ~USD 3.6 tn by 2020. The increasing disposable income will lead to higher affordability of the mid segment fashion apparels where SCML has a major presence leading to increased revenue for…show more content…
One emerging manifestation of responsible choice making is the surge in demand for organic denim. organic denims are eco-friendly range of classic pieces reinterpreted using ethical fabric choices. Organic denim fabric is made with 100 percent organic cotton and free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. The entire production of the fabric adheres strictly to ecological standards: from spinning, dyeing to finishing of the denim. It involves non-toxic fiber processing, colouring agents and fabric treatments which ensures that the production was environmental-friendly.Many manufacturers in India and abroad are offering collections of organic

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