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1. Introduction of the firm
1.1. Descon Group
‘Descon’ is based in the city of Lahore, which is supposed as the heart of the Punjab province, Pakistan. It was established in the year 1977 as a private firm, and started off as ‘Descon Engineering’, which was a plant service and construction company. After, the initial success is set out in multiple disciplines of the engineering operations and services, and expanded into a wide array of industries like the power, textile, cement, fertilizers, manufacturing and chemicals. It operates in their origin country, Pakistan, and as well as in the GCC countries (United Arab Emirate, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar). Though, it has diversified into several industries, but the Descon Engineering
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They cater to a variety of industrial sectors, and provide the quality and value desired by its customers. The chemical business of Descon is laid in the philosophy of ‘Innovation’. It caters to the advanced and commercial applications by being the technological leader in technological development. The products and services are redefined to fulfill the changing and growing needs of its customers. The products offered by Descon Chemicals Limited are divided into the six Business Lines for the specific industrial sectors,…show more content…
It is trying to achieve the economies of scale and to lower the costs further through innovating. Price is the only factor which produces revenues while others produce costs. The different pricing strategies could be used like skimming, penetration, premium or economy pricing (Kotler, 2012). Automotive industry is very sensitive to price (Armstrong, 2004). Descon Chemicals has used penetration pricing in order to enter into the new markets and this has led Descon to become market leaders in Pakistan. However, it has used market skimming in their peroxide product line in the Pakistani market as they are the first movers to this

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