Swot Analysis Of Detroit Electric Company

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Detroit Electric Company – Perfect Effective Organizational Structure and Success Organisational Structure Detroit Electric Company is believed to be using the Division of Labor organisational structure. This structure involves the management of the organization dividing the overall task of the organization into precise jobs having accurate activities. These activities outline what exactly the person performing the job is supposed to do. Each division within the organizational structure has all the obligatory resources and utilities within itself so that it can produce the expected product according to Robbins (2007). He continues to claim that this kind of organisational arrangement is highly dependent relative of the capability of the establishment involved to clearly and unambiguously describe the specialised jobs that are required to see the organization achieve its goals. Detroit Electric Company invests in outlining what work it requires to be done, and then outsources the services of other companies. It does not do any design or manufacturing. The company maintains that this kind of organizational structure helps it escape capital expanses which may be too huge for it to afford at this point in time, bearing in mind that it is still at start up level. However, there is indication that this company may slowly stop outsourcing its operations as time goes by and as their revenues continue to build on. The reason why Detroit Electric chose to use this structure is to

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