Swot Analysis Of Dettol

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Dettol is ionic brand from Reckitt Benckiser. Dettol has stood for its trusted production in India since 1930. This brand has been endorsed by India Medical Association .Dettol was launched in India in 1930, Dettol has gained the trust of millions Indians so Dettol has been voted as India’s most trusted brand in recent years. 80 years ago. Dettol also partner with other organizations their aim is for protect human s health and help to prevent the spread of germs through good hygiene. One of the example organisation is The Global Hygiene Council. This council very concern about good hygiene, so they will provides some activities for improve public,healthcare professional, students to improve their hygiene habits. Dettol have been provided an unrestricted grant to the Council for fully support activities organise by the council.
1.2 Products and services
And also people also use Dettol liquid for clean wounds caused by bites, cuts, grazes, insect stings and for personal hygiene . dettol help mums protect their families from harmful germs. This brand is still widely use by people. Dettol have products which are safe and will not cause allergic to use on skin but also have powerful enough products to use for environmental germ-killing tasks.

2.0 Evaluation of advertisement by applying ethical theories
Dettol was advertised their product with a slogan “ when ordinary soap just won’t do”. In the advertisement also background with a person have been killed and a blood covered

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