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1. Company and context. 1.1. Brand Description. Diesel is a lifestyle Italian brand with the main focus on jeans clothes that was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso (he is now the owner of the brand) and Adriano Goldschmied (who was the co-founder). Diesel Company is a part of OTB (Only the Brave) holding as well as STAFF International, Maison Martin Margiela, Viktor&Rolf, BRAVE KID and Marni. Among all the brands of the holding, Diesel remains the main and the most important brand. It generates the most revenues and has the widest range of customers. Moreover, apart from clothes, Diesel offers different range of activities such as music festivals, talent programs and special events. Moreover, Diesel is represented by the most famous and popular…show more content…
As there were many jeans brands already, Rosso decided to make his product unique and outstanding. After some years of experimenting with washes and “dirty looks” (seemed like oily washed and faded) of the jeans, Diesel found its way of style and became one of the most popular and fashionable jeans brand along with Calvin Klein and Armani. Even this comparison with American brands gave Diesel an advantage, because a lot of people supposed that jeans could be made only in America, as this is their “homeland”. This principle was used after by marketers and developers of Diesel to build the brand image of strong, free and cool clothes for people from all over the world (as many people think about USA). Thus, Italian craftsmanship and the misled about the American origin make Diesel one of the most powerful and desirable jeans ever. Even now, some customers still suppose that Diesel is an American brand and only few know about Italian origin and even OTB…show more content…
To achieve that Diesel used new approach different from those other denim companies use. Denim advertising always refers to the denim itself and Diesel decided to step off this and try to communicate with customers. The main idea was to show the company and tell how they see the world of their customers. As marketing director of Diesel said: “we will change the world the other time and while lets smile and enjoy it”. Such approach had a huge success. The whole story of the Diesel’s marketing strategy started in 1991 when was created the company’s motto - “Guides for Successful Living” which they used till 2015, when the label was changed and the new Diesel strategy introduced. Followed by international marketing strategy, Diesel started to create bright, eyecatchy and provoking fashion advertising that tell a story and describe the brand us fun, young and outstanding. First was in 1995, when the huge billboard called “Kissing Sailors” blew up the world and shuttered the advertising stereotypes, showing a gay kiss. Despite the fact, that this ads campaign was highly criticized by American media, it arise very important topic as homosexual couples and was supported by the general public. This ads was the result of the united work of Diesel and Swedish advertising agency Paradiset DDB. After some years of very hard work, their efforts paid off and the Diesel

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