Swot Analysis Of Digicel Play

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4. SWOT Analysis
Below provides the S.W.O.T analysis of Digicel Play, the new entertainment service that is currently provided. The acronym identifies internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.
4.1 Strengths
i. Expertise – Establishing relationships with both internal and external partners and stakeholders to assist with the operations. Implementation of new services to the public requires knowledge to ensure objectives are achieved and minimising risks as much as possible. One such example is the outsourcing Sierra Support Services which specialises in the installation of fibre-optic cables for businesses. ii. Management Team - Group management and strategic teams always has a clear understanding
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Technology – Cutting-edge fibre-optics technologies, network towers, availability of devices for example high-performing cable equipment. Having such an advantage can positively impact the company to become a recognised and reliable service provider. Investing on technology can give an edge against competitors and having the human resources to maintain and develop will further propel the company. Business owners require large bandwidth to operate their businesses; to supply the current growing demand for bandwidth fibre optics will greatly help. Technology allows for high speeds so customers can transmit large amounts of data and eliminate delays such as file transfers, streaming videos and browsing. iv. Marketing - Digicel was able to differentiate from the existing competition by introducing aggressive marketing techniques and promotions, sponsorships and also re-engineering the company’s goals and vision’ to enhance the overall experience for both the internal and external customers. Management have invested both time and money to ensure that the Digicel is established as a respected brand and a logo where it can identified. Such as airports kiosk, bus stops, bill boards and telephone booths.
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High fibre optic cable cost - Digicel have invested millions by purchasing a submarine fibre optic network which will provide capacity to twelve (12) countries including Trinidad. This investment gives the company an international fibre connectivity backbone facilitates and globalizes the fibre to business and domestic offering in T&T. The maintenance can also increase depending on the capacity rate or natural disaster. ii. Corrosion of cable lines - Digicel weaknesses is competitive deficiencies that place the company at a disadvantage in the marketplace. If the cable lines are corroded due to weather and other external factors and these cables are not replaced then this can have an adverse effect with the type of service customers received. Example customers receiving slow services can make them angry and may even switch to rival Telecommunications Company that offers better services. iii. Lacklustre Sales – Digicel potential weakness is the inability to sell Digicel play to both existing and new customers. For example the sales team is a vital role to the company, if the sales team lack the knowledge and drive to draw customers in then the company can perform poorly or push them into bankruptcy. Customers will only invest in the service if it meets their needs and wants; Digicel will require providing adequate promotions and incentives to both internal and external customers to avoid this

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