Swot Analysis Of Disney

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Disney: SWOT analysis and current situation

2014 year was quite successful for the Walt Disney Company not only its shares reached the highest prices, but the company went through unambiguous cross-platform triumph with its Frozen franchise, spurred enthusiasm for the coming sequels to the original Star Wars trilogy, and waiting for the opening of the new Shanghai Disney Resort. (BURROWS, 2015) Moreover, the media corporation continues to implement at the highest level, in spite of confronting pressure in its film and broadcasting holdings.
In this part we are taking a brief look at a current situation at Disney’s business and performing a SWOT analysis of the company, estimating its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
Disney creates, produces, markets and distributes ideas through a huge extent of media platforms. As it was mentioned earlier, the company operates its revenues from the five segments. Media Networks (43% of company’s business in fiscal 2014) includes ESPN, ABC, Disney Channel, among others, and make sales from affiliate fees, ad sales, and the distribution of television programs. Parks and Resorts (31%) operate company’s internationally famous theme park and resort holdings, such as Disneyworld, Disneyland, and a number of international sites. Studio Entertainment (15%) produces and obtains films for international distribution through Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Consumer Products (8%) authorizes Disney’s

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