Swot Analysis Of Disney

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Disney is one of the biggest media companies in the world dealing in multiple entertainment industries. Disney due to their size use a wide variety of growth strategies while relying on cash cows and stars for profits. Disney has many strengths and opportunities which explains their substantial size such as success in the film industry. Disney has competition from places such as Universal which keeps them improving on their weaknesses and threats. Disney do target young children with their cartoons and amusement parks as well as television. They use differentiated marketing strategy. This is because they market differently to both kids and parents and both boys and girls. Disney do provide their entertainment through their movies, channels, parks, and top service. They have a different variety of pricing strategies which depends on the product or service ranging from bundling to by-product pricing. Disney hugely uses advertising and sales promotion to alert consumers and use both direct and indirect distribution to get their product to consumers. Disney does have a few areas it could improve in such as their presence in Social media and their appeal towards teenagers and young adults. Despite some turmoil and difficulties with management and movies not been successful in recent times it is at the moment one of the largest and top grossing companies in the world where they have multiple industries. They strive to develop and deliver only the best entertainment experience.

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