Swot Analysis Of Domino's

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Executive Summary
Domino’s started back in 1960, in the USA, when Tom Monaghan founded Domino 's Pizza. Through franchising, Tom enabled other people to invest in opening their own Domino 's Pizza store. He expanded the Domino 's chain around the globe, creating the world 's leading pizza delivery business. Domino’s are proud to be the world 's leading pizza delivery company. Their passion for hot, tasty, freshly made pizza has earned them a fan base of loyal pizza lovers from all over the globe.
Domino’s is involved in several CSR projects focussing on social economic issues focussing on customers, employees, community and the environment. They not only focus on the profit but focus on the sustainability of each project making sure each employee stays motivated to grow the company as a whole. By being involved in these projects makes shareholders and stakeholders wanting to be part of the Domino’s family. Domino’s also have a strict code of ethics in place to make sure employees act in a professional manner. Domino’s is a fast growing franchise and continues to grow throughout the globe penetrating new markets.
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