Swot Analysis Of Domino's Pizza

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At Domino’s Pizza, each and every employee from the store member to head office staff is ambassadors for the mission and follows the values of the company. Although the store is small enough, but Domino’s Pizza still provide an excellent and nice service for entire customer.
The missions of Domino’s Pizza is ‘Sell more pizza, Have more fun!’ It aims to maintaining the high standards of the international chain of pizza delivery and offer the experience of an excellent product with outstanding customer service. Domino’s Pizza committed this mission is importance to the customers, donations inclusive culture, team members, suppliers and neighbors.
Another mission on delivery service of Domino’s Pizza is ‘Fastest delivery service’. This
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Through this vision, Domino’s Pizza is trying hard to make customer be a loyal customer. Domino’s Pizza contributes the best service to the customer, respect for the customer’s requirement and ensuring a quality product that serve to the customer. The company of Domino’s Pizza is responsible to builds excellent store operations to create loyal customers.
Another vision of Domino’s Pizza is to be ‘Number one in pizza and number one in people’. To achieve this vision, Domino’s Pizza put people first as the main strategy. To become the best pizza delivery company in the world, they try to treat their team member accordingly because Domino’s Team Member is the backbone of the company. Domino’s Pizza has set very high quality standards to maintain this mission and vision. They always make sure that those standards are being met at every single step when they process
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In every Domino’s Pizza store, they guarantee to the public with using fresh and high-quality vegetables, meats, flour and sauce to serve their customers when making the pizza all the time. Every store of Domino’s Pizza properly maintained the action of products with the right ways for example they always using the best pizza ingredient and the best tools for serving a pizza for customer.
For the environment of Domino’s Pizza that they analysis is done in both external environment and internal environment. For the external environment of Domino’s Pizza, they separate it to three components which are remote environment, industry environment and operating environment. When combining the entire component, Domino’s Pizza able to achieve the long-term prosperity with goals. The strategic planners for Domino’s Pizza is commonly establish with the productivity of the company, the responsibility that we show to the public, relations with customer, and also the technological

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