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INDUSTRY AND COMPETITION Engaging in a food business is considered as a stable industry not only because food is a necessity but as well as it gives pleasure to the taste and stomach of every individual. Most of the people are fond of eating. Likewise, doughnut business has been a growing venture worldwide from the time it was first introduced. It was evidenced by many businesses entering into franchising of doughnut outlets because it is a good start-up business having a cheap cost compared to franchising a big business. Doughnut products do not choose any gender, it can be serve to massive number of people from kids to adults and seniors. The industry of doughnuts proved that they are not only an ordinary business, but it can also certify…show more content…
Based on the crew, workers from Philippine Economic Zone Authority (EPZA) frequently buy their products. It has supply volume 310 pieces of regular donuts a day. According to the staff, their edge towards others is having a variety of doughnut flavors and beverages, being a notable brand. However, they don’t have a dining area which they think is their weakness since they offer beverages. • MISTER DONUTS The proponents interviewed the outlet of Mister Donut in Binakayan Public Market, #206 Trion Hi-way Binakayan, Kawit Cavite. It has supply volume of 450 pieces of doughnut per day. The products are popular for its affordable price structure and their location is very visible and has easy access to the customers. However, since there is only one staff, there is a lack of staffing and proper training that leads to some customers get neglected during rush hours or when there are many customers at a…show more content…
in Manila in 1982. Although it opened only a year later than Dunkin Donuts, It came to be the more popular brand. This can be caused by factors such as marketing strategy, unit pricing, quality of products, taste, etc. Mister donut was still a successful brand however, with 2,000 or more branches nationwide, Mister Donut followed in the shadows of success of Dunkin Donuts. Krispy Kreme opened here in the Philippines in the 30th of November in 2006. Krispy Kreme is well-known delicious, sweet doughnuts. However due to its expensive prices at late entry in the market, Krispy Kreme is known by a small amount of can-afford consumers. J Co. opened here in the Philippines on the late 2007 or 2008. Just like Krispy Kreme, J.Co also produces quality doughnuts and expensive product line. J Co is known to only a handful of small can-afford

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