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Strengths • Positive image of the company • easy brand image of being cost effective • strategies which have let to 90% fleet usage • Positive influence of CEO • Competition is worried Weakness • Heavy reliance on one supplier • Financially vulnerable • Small marketing budget • Founder has left day to day management of the company • Services not available in some major locations Opportunities • Cost of car ownership is rising • Viral marketing campaigns • Expansion of brand image by possible merger of esayJet and easyCar to easyGo • Expansion to Asian and American markets • Obtain cost effective and fuel efficient cars Threats • Competition may come up with budget rental lines • Policies can lead to legal actions • Rising fuel costs • Hunter…show more content…
Also, on the competition with larger companies than Easycar. Finally, the techniques issues of car maintenance and management of the fleet. The most urgent issue to be addressed are the legal problems that have arisen from the posting of pictures of users that delay to return the vehicles. In addition, the dimension of the competing companies could be overwhelming for Easycar, since they are present in more places and have more to offer than Easycar. In terms of the question of maintenance and fleet management could be solved with the application of new technologies. In terms of legal issues, there were benefits in adopt this policy in the company, but the impact of this policy could be very negative for the image of Easycar, as well as bring juridical problems. The size of the competitors creates its own problems, while Easycar have rental properties in the tens, competitors such as Avis Europe, Europcar, Hertz etc have sites in the thousands. Moreover, the difference in the number of automobiles is too large, since in 2002 was 700,000 Hertz cars, Easycar was only 7.000. The values for the European revenues also reflect the small size of the company, revenues of European values in 2002 for Easycar was € 41 million, while companies such as Avis and Europcar had revenues of over a billion dollars each. (Lawrence and Solis, 2005).…show more content…
This might also help the legal situation of the company since it is presently seen as car provider and not a transport services provider. Furthermore, the company can also start renting bikes and even electric powered transporters within the city for tourists and other market segments who may not need a car in the city but would like some form of transport their sightseeing

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