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Introduction easyJet easyJet is a British budget airline, founded in 1995 by Sir Stelios Haji-losnnou, based in London Luton Airport. It operates both domestic and international scheduled services of over 820 routes in more than 30 countries. It operates on a low cost budget, flying more than 15 million people a year and offers services for leisure and business passengers. It also flies to 100 top European routes and connects to many different exciting destinations all over the world. easyJet uses cost advantage as well as network positions in strong markets to deliver low fares and operational efficiency on point-to-point routes, with their people making the difference by offering friendly service for their customers. Southwest Airlines…show more content…
She cares about the well-being and self-interests of her employees but at the same time, is able to ensure that the goals and objectives of the organisation are met. She believes that leaders have to be approachable and values honesty and integrity over anything else as she feels that it would tackle the root of the problem and solve it efficiently. Hence, she would rather her employee be blunt and straight to the point, rather than beating around the bush and ruining their reputation - which takes a lifetime to build and can be lost in 2 seconds with poor consideration. Before she overtook easyJet as their CEO, the company was reportedly facing low staff morale but she took on the role to boost employee morale and earned a reputation for having good interpersonal skills and showing the clear vision to the employees about the potential of the brand and what they can achieve together. Carolyn McCall once quoted that “the success of EasyJet is not a single person’s work” and feels that the open culture in the company helps to connect with everyone, understanding their needs and…show more content…
When such targets are being set, employees will know that they are expected to perform at their highest level to the passengers and unleash their full potential. Sources of Power: Legitimate easyJet’s Chief Executive, Carolyn McCall has supreme power in the company and is assisted by an executive team who are responsible for managing the other departments in the company. However, the final say still lies in her as she is the main authoritative figure of easyJet. Since she is a crucial player to move the company forward, she has the power to ensure that objectives and goals of the companies are met and targets set are being achieved on time. Reward easyJet achieves their objectives by introducing different share schemes, such as Free Shares, Staff Travel, Go the Extra Mile Awards and gifts and gratuities, to motivate and encourage employees. Such recognition is essential to boost employee morale and ensure their compliance and good working attitude is recognised. Occasionally, their CEO, Carolyn McCall also take teams out for dinner, to socialise and bond with them so that there will be employee

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