Swot Analysis Of Emirates Airline

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Based on my research and people survey, emirates airline company are perfect company and its developed already. We found a few cons in the company that related to people feedback, it doesn’t affect the company reputation that much because the company is superior than its rivals. The company need some of improving in some ways because there are many complaints from people about lack of sufficient toilets in the planes. The other reason, quality of food is weak, people didn’t like to eat from emirates airline because it doesn’t test so good and they provide it cold, also there are no enough food in the menu, but still it’s the better airline company compared with other companies. The third reason requires improvement is rising prices, especially in terminal at Dubai airport, there is enough places of food and restaurants and shops, but the prices is too high compared with other companies.

First, the mission of emirates airline is "To deliver the highest standards of product quality to support business logistics within the air transportation industry and to achieve complete customer satisfaction through innovation and refinement of service levels."
The vision of emirates airline is to manage profitable growth by creating a truly global distribution network, through adding value to our customers ' supply chains, by providing quality innovative solutions with a relentless focus on improving service and containing costs. The SWOT analysis is the

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