Swot Analysis Of Emirates Airlines

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2.0 Analysis of the Company’s Internal Environment
(i) SWOT Analysis
• Emirates Airlines was the first airline which provided seat back IFE services and online booking in the gulf region.
• Emirates Airlines offers long-haul flights back and forth from USA, Australia/New Zealand, Russia and Europe to Dubai.
• Intensive labor work is done by low cost workers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
• Emirates Airlines has a frequent flyer program called Skywards Miles.
• Emirates Airlines runs its own University known as Emirates Aviation University.
• Emirates Airlines has partnership with Qantas Airlines.
• High CAPEX due to huge investment made on buying aircraft and implementing new technologies.
• Emirates Airlines tickets are more expensive than other airlines.
• Emirates Airlines doesn’t have a hub in Abu Dhabi airport, which is the capital of UAE.
• Emirates Airlines was established in 1985. It is a young airline.
• The per capita income is growing in UAE.
• Huge investments will be made by Dubai for developing main airports in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
• Population growth in the world and in UAE is increasing.
• Aviation events such as Dubai Air Show showcase and promote Middle East airlines.

• It is located in a politically unstable region and the terrorism activities have been increased in the region.
• Increasing aviation security and insurance costs increases the operating costs of Emirates Airlines.
• New entrants (network

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