Swot Analysis Of Emirates Airlines

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Emirates Airlines is the international aviation organisation that is based in United Arab Emirates. It provides commercial air transportation services across the world. It is a huge organisation with diverse business interests in the aviation, tourism, travel, and leisure industries. It is operating as an independent organisation under a common management named Emirates Group. Emirates is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and it was founded in the year 1985 with the first flight starting from Mumbai to Karachi.
Emirates operates across six continents with a 75,000 strong multi-national team comprised of over 160 nationalities. During the financial year ending 31st March 2014, Emirates achieved its 26th consecutive year of profit, with an increase in capacity and important business investments of the Group.
Emirates group is known for its youngest fleets and it has earned more than 500 awards for its excellent performance worldwide. Branded by its high efficiency and flexibility, Emirates has helped strengthen Dubai and UAE not only as a premium world hub for trade and business but also for culture and sports. It is a pivotal link between continents and it has a very highly advanced civil aviation infrastructure in the UAE. (Annual Report, 2010-2011). This has been accomplished because of the airline’s adoption and encouragement of fair competition, transparency to shape its future.
During the mid 1980’s, Gulf Air began to cut back on its services in Dubai. Emirates was founded in

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