Swot Analysis Of Emirates Airlines

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Marketing Plan In order to identify Emirates airline strategic options, ANSOFF directional matrix can be used as a starting point to identify the options that are available. According to Aaker and Mcloughlin (2007), there are four possible alternative growth strategies that can be developed. It consists of market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. (see appendix 1) – Marketing Penetration (Improving In-fight Service) Business focuses on selling existing products to existing markets drives growth strategy for Market Penetration. 1) Retain and boost market share of Emirate airlines product and services. 2) Protect market dominance of Emirates airlines existing markets. 3) Driving out competitors by restructuring mature market. 4) Enhance usage of existing passengers. Tele-communication is essential element in everyone daily life, in order to enabling passengers to make voice and data call over aircraft’s telecom system, Emirates would like to add communication while on the airplane, it would be very good service for the business passengers. Currently, Emirates have an expensive telecommunications method to make voice call and Internet, passenger’s mobile phone should be beam signal to the ground satellite system and from Immarsat, which is already installed on most of the Emirate airplanes. – Marketing Development (Extending New Routes) Due to the number of services is increasing into new markets where company seeks to

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