Swot Analysis Of Enzo

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The table shows the cost per unit of every article that is made by ENZO and the respective prices that are charged. The prices in comparison to the competitors are fairly low. For instance, NEXT sells suits starting at Rs.15000 which is higher than our most expensive suit. This differentiation between prices is what makes ENZO have a competitive edge in the market. Over the period of the next 3-years, our aim in terms of price is to reduce costs even further which would allow us to achieve a higher profit margin without having to increase prices and lose customers. Also, the comparatively lower prices would allow us to smoothly settle into the market which is one of the main objectives for the first year.

Distribution Strategy:
Distribution plays an important in the marketing mix. For us, the distribution strategy is simple. We have an indirect marketing channel which includes the manufacturer which produces the units for us to sell at our outlet to the consumer.
In order to facilitate the manufacture we plan to provide them with special payment packages and flexible delivery schedules. This is to ensure that the relationship between us and the manufacturer is beneficial for both parties. This good relationship will ultimately mean good quality products for the customers. Throughout the initial 3-years we plan to use the same manufacturer in order to have consistency in our products plus the long term benefits of having channel partners can be availed.

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