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Segmenting: Evershine is a company that operates on B2B business. Since their nature of business running is different from B2C businesses their methods of segmentation is different. When they segment the market is divided into different geographical units which ranges from local to global. They provide their products to the garments that operate in different regions of the country and also overseas. They segment the market on behavioral segmentation which includes measuring the loyalty their customers have for their brand and understanding what their customers seek from their product. A substantial number of customers are obtained from networking, public relation and personal contact.
Targeting: The SBU of evershine after identifying their
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These chemicals and formulas are available separately in the market but Evershine for their clients’ convenience sell them with the dyes as a package. They have a wide variety dyes and some mentionable are Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, Acid Dyes, Leather Dyes, Reactive Printing Dyes, Digital Printing Dyes, Optical Brightener, Softener flakes, Disperse Dyes, Auxillaries Chemicals, Bio-polishing Enzymes, Fastness Improvement Chemicals.
Core product Value: Coloring
Actual Product: Dyes
Augmented Product: Chemicals with formulas.
Price: The pricing strategy that Evershine shine follows is market oriented which is generated through cost plus pricing. In the business where Evershine operates situations occur where the company has to set pricing on the basis of the relationship they have with their client in order to retain them for the long term. Evershine calls it relationship pricing and they follow it on a strong basis as their business stands on the relationship with their clients.
Place: Evershine has their distribution centres in Dhaka and Chittagong. They also have a ware house in Hajipur(Gazipur). Their head office is in Rampura where there is also a
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Evershine does relationship marketing with their clients and while maintaining a good relationship with the clients which calls for public relations.
Public Relations: Evershine sets and arranges conferences, features articles in Textile Today(print media),fosters membership drives, does special even management with clients and competitors where they give out pens, calenders, writing pads, mugs of their company to their clients and the clients they want to
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