Swot Analysis Of Evio

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1. Executive Summary

Evio is a new product by Coca-Cola, which maintains the good taste of diet coke, and meanwhile, provides great energy for the drinkers. Especially, Evio contains much less calories and sugar than diet coke. The new product is especially targeted at young consumers aged 25-40, who pursue a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Evio will be offered in several key markets like the US, Australia and China. In the recent years, the major cause for Coca-Cola’s market decline was that people attached importance to health and turned to healthier drinks with fewer calories (Kell n. pag.). Therefore, Coca-Cola is likely to benefit from Evio in three aspects. First, Evio will update consumers’ understanding of Coke. Second, Evio will cater to the needs of more young consumers. Third, Evio will raise the sales volume of Coca-Cola, and possibly, turn the tide. Given the great significance of Evio, this report will make a detailed marketing plan by taking the Chinese market as an example.

2. Company and Product Description

Founded in 1886 in Atlanta, State of Georgia, the US, Coca-Cola has grown into a leading beverage provider in the globe (Coca-Cola website). It offers a diversity of drink products such as diet coke, monster energy drink. The company mainly provides cocaine soda drinks, which have a special taste. Coca-Cola has taken nearly 48% of the world beverage market share. Within every second, about 194000 bottles of coke are sold. Coca-Cola, as the largest

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