Swot Analysis Of Express SA Restaurant

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Content page Title of the heading page number Step: 1 defining the business mission 1 Step: 2 conducting the SWOT analysis 1-2 Step: 3 identify strategic opportunities 3-4 And evaluate strategic opportunities Step: 4 establish specific objectives and allocate resources 4 Step: 5 develop a retail mix to implement the strategy 4-5 Step: 6 evaluate performance and make adjustments 5 Name of the business: Express SA restaurant Strategic planning of the business: The type of strategic planning process I will use for my business is according to the “strategic retailing planning process” found on the book, retailing management (Levy et al., 2014:144-151). Step 1: Defining the Business Mission Vision…show more content…
For Express SA restaurant the size of the restaurant is the main priority because most of the space will be needed as customers will be consuming what they have bought, the restaurant will require medium to larger space. On market growth (Bolon, 1988:23) says, “Retail organisation can grow in one of four ways: acquisition, renovation, expansion, or combination of any of these methods”. For Express SA restaurant the restaurant will go with renovation and expansion as it will be impossible for us to use acquisition method as starters, due to the fact that on acquisition we will be obliged to buy other businesses part or whole of their target market in order to claim ownership of the target firm. Seasonality: Matt Blumberg (2015) on dictionary of business terms defines seasonality as, “variations in business or economic activities that recur with regularity as the result of changes in climate, holidays, and vacations”. On this aspect Express SA restaurant will have variations in terms of food offered on the menu because of changing season of…show more content…
As for my restaurant I will put effort on improving technological system within it because it has taken over the way businesses operate. On economic dynamic (Roger and Brittain, 1996:51) say that, “Other economic factors which the retailer must monitor are the rate of inflation and the cost of credit”. On this aspect Express SA restaurant as a business has to abide to this situation of macro environment because it has impact on businesses and inflation as an example keeps rising, to make survival the business will produce different meals using capacity to lower the costs that limit the operation of the restaurant such as

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