Swot Analysis Of Fabulous Tea Company

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Fabulous Tea Company is an Asian traditional tea distributor company that markets high quality whole leave tea while incorporating beauty benefits into their tea. Fabulous Tea goes with the mission of providing pure delectable tea and at the same time outstanding and reputable services to their customers. Their vision is to be credible and well established as the perfect tea distributor in the industry. Mass marketing comes under undifferentiated marketing which targets the whole market with one offer. It sells and treats everyone commonly to be having the same needs, wants and demands. Although mass marketing can be provoking, especially in large areas because anyone could be your next customer, the disadvantage is that everyone else in the industry is after those customers. Another setback of mass marketing is that it is extremely expensive, there could be a high possibility of incurring loss as the market is not narrowed down. For example, recently Dr. Pepper launched a marketing campaign for their incipient product Dr. Pepper Ten. It was advertised as a low calorie version of Dr. Pepper that was “not for women”. Not only did Dr. Pepper decide to omit a large number of their potential customers, but they revealed a gender posture to the public. Having gender involved in soda drinks proved to be an unpopular marketing technique. One of the segments that can be used for Fabulous Tea Company is demographic segmentation. This segmentation coordinates the market

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