Swot Analysis Of Fast Food

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In this globalization era, where foreign products dominate Indonesia, include foreign fast food brands. There are also some citizens do not like to consume foreign foods, but most of them love to consume it. About 66 percent of the respondents love to eat fast food and 34 percent state they do not like it. Most the demographic factors show the quick service is the primary reason for choosing to eat fast food. The tasty food and the easy accessible location are the next primary reasons. Even the non-fast food consumers’ primary reasons are also the fast, easy and tasty food. As in this lifestyle where everything has to be fast and efficient, fast food truly suits citizens’ busy life. The frequency of fast food consumption is the same for all…show more content…
These days, fast food restaurants become trend of lifestyles in Indonesia. Indonesia citizen reveals the most favored way they enjoy fast food based on demographic analysis is dining in the restaurants with friends accompany. Housewives, post-graduates, mid-aged groups, the elders and the average income of more than 3000 RMB prefer having fast food with family. Only 27 respondents enjoy having fast food alone. McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza hut are the top three chosen fast food restaurants in Indonesia. McDonald’s get the most favored among the young generation. Mid-aged and the elder’s respondents with more than six millions Indonesia Rupiah as their income rank KFC as their favorite restaurant. For the occupation groups also favor KFC the most, with student as exception. The tasty food and the easy accessible location are the primary considerations for selecting fast food restaurants, except for the mid-aged groups, housewives and teachers. They consider the cleanliness as their top priorities to choose the…show more content…
Taste has the strong attraction to consumers. Almost all of the respondents choose fast food restaurants because of the tasty food. The taste of the food has to be stabilized due to keep consumers craving for the taste. Consumers also choose by the favorite menu. Maintaining and improving the favorite dish as the characteristic of the restaurants is a good concept. To prevent the regular customers to get bored, it is a good idea to introduce new menu by combining the favorite menu of the consumers and the new menu into a saving package. People will seek improvement and new items to keep customers interested to the

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