Swot Analysis Of Fedex

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Shishir Gyawali
BUS 530 Managing Information Systems & Technology
Westcliff University
Professor: Dr. Marko Nino


Breif summary of the case:

FedEx corporation is a service based company that provides logistics service in all over the world. It was founded back in1971 A.D. as federal express, whereas later changed to FedEx in the beginning of 2000. FedEx is very much concerned about it employees and customer to add values to their needs and wants in their lives by providing sustainability in connecting people.

Management information systems MIS: An information system is termed as the software and hardware systems, which receive and support data-intensive applications. Information systems are developed for different purposes for different business. Management information system is the information system based on computer. Its purpose is to provide general information to the managers in an organization. Thus it can be defined as the method that provides past, present and future related internal and external operations which supports planning, operations and control of a company by providing information to the decision makers in a real time or in a time frame.

Competitive advantage using information technology:
The competitor of FedEx was most of the logistics company such as DHL and UPS, which are on top of it. All of the logistics companies have been using information systems from last 90’s. FedEx is
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