Swot Analysis Of Ffm: Keppel Corporation

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FFM: Keppel Corp ltd

HELPFUL LINKS http://m.kepcorp.com/en/content.aspx?sid=72 http://www.kepcorp.com/en/content.aspx?sid=73 http://www.keppelland.com.sg/sr2013/#/4/ http://www.mbaskool.com/brandguideu/conglomerates/8054-keppel-corporation.html http://www.managementparadise.com/sayed123/documents/16993/swot-analysis-of-keppel-corporation/ http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/history/Ja-Lo/Keppel-Corporation-Ltd.html (backgroud info) http://www.kepcorp.com/en/content.aspx?sid=86 http://fifthperson.com/keppel-corporation-5-important-things-need-consider-invest/

http://www.kepcorp.com/en/content.aspx?sid=57 http://www.kepcorp.com/annualreport2015/offshore-marine.html http://www.kepcorp.com/en/news_item.aspx?sid=6386
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Thus, it is still one of the top risks of concern to foreign companies in China.
But overall, companies still fancies the idea of investing in China.
The situation in Singapore is better as political risk is much lower than China, hence the main revenue being in Singapore.
There still are many cases of corruption, bribery and gift giving that would not be compliant with international bribery and corruption laws. However, corruption in China is not unusual by the standards of other emerging markets, he said.

1. Keppel has strong market position, providing itself with competitive advantages by having operations in over 30 countries.
2. Committed to protect the environment
3. Global leader in offshore rig designs, construction and repair, ship repair, and conversion and specialised shipbuilding
4. Have more than 30,000 workers in its workforce.
5. Diversified company
6. It has a strong presence in Offshore & Marine industry, Infrastructure, Property and Investment
7. Synergy in business
8. Positive goodwill

1. Geographic concentration with majority revenue from Singapore
2. Decrease in revenue from ASEAN countries, which are growing
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5. Environmental factors in other countries

The occurrence of natural disasters in these countries pose as a threat due to the instability it brings. E.g earthquakes, volcanic eruption and tsunamis

“identify 3 areas of focus to review the company’s financial health.”
Key Areas of Focus for Financial Analysis

1)Profitability of keppel
Total assets decreasing 31.6 billion to 28.9 billion However this was partially due to the increase in non-current assets.

Total number of houses sold was 4570 in 2015 compared to that of 2450 in 2014 thus allowing their assets in the property sector the grow from $18.7 billion as at end-2014 to $20.5 billion as at end-2015. Most of these sales attributed was mainly due to the houses sold in China and Vietnam. Keppel REIT’s office buildings in Singapore and Australia continued to maintain high occupancy of 99.3% as at end-2015.

The threat of intense competition and strong pressure to cut costs will likely result in low profit margins. Therefore, as an investor, I will include profit margin in my analysis.


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