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TECHNO-COMMERCIAL VALUATION Of M/V SHIV-VANI HERITAGE DOCUMENT DETAILS AND ISSUE RECORD ISSUE REV. NO. DATE AUTHOR APPROVED ORIGINAL 0 CONTENTS 1 INTRODUCTION 2 2 Summary 3 3 PART A – JACK-UP RIG MARKET ANALYSIS 4 3.1 JACK-UP RIGS 4 3.1.1 TYPES OF JACK-UP MODU 6 3.2 JACK-UP SHIV VANI DETAILS 7 3.3 GLOBAL DEMAND FOR JACK-UP RIG 8 3.3.1 GLOBAL ENERGY DEMANDS 9 3.3.2 OIL & GAS PRICE AND DEMAND FOR JACK-UP RIGS 16 3.3.3 SHALLOW WATER ACTIVITIES AND JACK-UP RIG DEMAND MARKET 21 3.3.4 SHALLOW WATER ACTIVITY INDIA 34 3.3.5 SHALLOW WATER ACTIVITY EGYPT 44 1 INTRODUCTION ….We have a write a bit of project explaination….. ICICI is looking to charter or purchase the jack-up vessel Shiv-Vani Heritage to deploy the same to the Indian or Egyptian waters. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the market in terms of jack-ups and calculate the OPEX for Shiv-Vani heritage jack up. This report consists of the following two sections: 1. PART A – GLOBAL MARKET ANALYSIS OF JACK UP RIGS WITH SPECIFIC REFERENCE TO INDIAN AND EGYPTIAN MARKET- SHALLOW WATER ACTIVITIES. 2. TECHNO-COMMERCIAL VALUATION OF M/V SHIV-VANI HERITAGE – AN INDEPENDENT CANTILIVER TYPE, FRIEDE & GOLDMAN L-780 DESIGN JACK-UP RIG. 2 SUMMARY ….We have a write the summary of the outcome (in terms of jack-up market and OPEX values)….. 3 PART A – JACK-UP RIG MARKET ANALYSIS 3.1 JACK-UP RIGS – An Introduction A Jack-up rig is a mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) which consists of a

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