Swot Analysis Of Fit Me Gym

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1.0 Introduction: The aim of this report is to examine the external environment of Fit Me Gym business including porter’s five forces and PEST analysis. Also, illustrate their competitors and classify their position in order to compete with their rivals. As well as explain the nine business model factor and their effect in the business and factors that lead to success of the business. 2.0 The business: The business idea is to open a gym for kids aged from 5 to 12 years old. This gym is located in Enma Mall East Riffa area. This Gym will provide children with fun, educational and social activities such as Instruments Hall that includes several Gym Equipments and supervised by qualified personal training, Aerobics classes, dancing classes contains Zumba, Belly dance, Hip Hop and Ballet. Also, an area to rest during the breaks that include a mini coffee shop provided with healthy foods, drawing area and an area for popular old games such as: Uno, chess, Lego and puzzles. Furthermore, a nutrition sections that offers tips and healthy programs for children. 3.0 External environment: 3.1 Porter 's 5 Forces model: 3.1.1 Threat of new entrants: This threat is always at hand if there is opportunity of getting profit but it needs huge money and fixed costs to establish a kids gym which is part of the fitness industry. In addition, this threat is high to the business because this type of business is very profitable and many people have a desire to open this type of business which

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