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Flipkart’s current vision is ‘To become Amazon of India’ and their mission revolves round ‘Providing delightful customer experience’. Considering Flipkart is one of the most looked forward technology company of next decade and Amazon has already entered Indian market there is a huge need for them to review their long term goal and vision and develop a new Brand idea for coming future. They want to tap the large indian market with 65% of its population below 35 years. The hugh indian population is a great opportunity for flipkart to make the big buck and their current strategy revolves around that. The store started with selling books and in 2010 branched out to selling CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and its accessories, cameras, computers,
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is concerned, Flipkart has a great advantage over Amazon, and is a big plus for them at this time when Amazon is entering India. When they started, Flipkart’s vision was to become Amazon of India and they have done exactly that in the five years time, with the biggest market share. Now, what do they stand for? Indian Amazon? Should’nt they have their own identity? I think now it’s time for them to derive the big brand idea from the experiences of the stakeholders, employees and the customers and rebuild the vision for Flipkart. This will be a long research oriented exercise, but it will clearly define Flipkart and its objectives to be achieved in the coming decade and help create a defence mechanism for upcoming challenges. This exercise will also be able to give a bigger purpose to Flipkart than just increasing sales and revenue making. It will also motivate the current employees and retain them for longer period which has been a challenge for…show more content…
As, the existing private investors would sell their shares to the public, reducing the company’s ability to raise funds for itself and the strategy for the IPO will have to be totally different than the strategy they have previously used to get the private investors. The profits are the only way public will invest to buy the IPO. As of now Flipkart has not been able to show substantial profit figures. Nevertheless IPO is a great opportunity for the Flipkart brand and demands a new kind of trust in the minds of the people and will not be based on the customer service but on the overall performance of the brand. So, there is an opportunity for FK to refresh itself at this moment and rethink its brand future aligned with the

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