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Chapter 1 Introduction to the Report Folli Follie Group and the British jeweler Links of London are famed for high quality and breakthrough design, jewellery, watches, accessories and giftware. Both have won a place in the hearts of millions of consumers globally. The strategic mission of FF Group is to establish and maintain a leading position in the international fashion world through the further development of all individual brands and the attraction of worldwide famous brands (The Folli Follie Group, 2009). The expansion of the constantly developing distribution network is among the Group’s corporate goals (The Folli Follie Group, 2009). It employs more than 5800 people in all over the world. Taking a quick look at Folli Follie Group and its commitments, it is observed that the company proceeds to strategic decisions having in mind the achievement of maximum customer satisfaction along with the increase of the shareholders’ wealth. The present report aims at preparing a Strategic Marketing Plan for Folli Follie suggesting that the Indian market offers a great range of opportunities for the company. Chapter 2 2.1 Identification of Indian market opportunities 2.1.1 Population Indian’s population is 1,236,344,631 (The World Factbook, 2014). The rapid growth of the Indian population is expected to make it the world’s most populous nation by the year 2100. More precisely, India will hit 1.718 billion in 2062, and will come down after that to 1.6 billion by 2100

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