Swot Analysis Of Fonterra Company

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In 2001 Fonterra co operative group limited was formed merging the two largest cooperatives which are New Zealand dairy group and kiwi co operative dairies. Headquarters are situated in Auckland, New Zealand.
Fonterra co-operative group limited is a multinational dairy co operative company owned by 15,600 farmers who supply the company with 22 billion litres of milk each year and they are the shareholders of the company. It is categorized as food and beverage industry. Fonterra is responsible for 40% of dairy exports in the world and it 's the world 4th biggest dairy company and the largest dairy exporter with revenue exceeding NZ$ 19.87billion
Fonterra has sales of more than NZ$ 1 billion and operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and 17,300 are employed. From that 16,000 works across farms advising farmers on suitable and effective farming and milk production around the world.
Fonterra is responsible for production, distribution, and marketing of ready to use dairy products in selected regions of the world. Among the customers some of the largest restaurant chains in the world as well as cafés, airlines, hotels, workplaces, entertainment venues and institutions are included which are situated around the world. key brands of Fonterra products include milk powders, cream products, wholesale butter, casein, whey powder, infant formula milk products and even fresh milk, flavoured milk, nutritional milk powders, yogurts,

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