Swot Analysis Of Frito Lays

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Frito-LAYS (Pakistan)
"Betcha can 't eat just one."

Sukkur IBA

Ms. Sahiba Inayat, Mr Pawan Kumar, Mr Shahzad Ahmed & Mr Zubair Ahmed

Company & Product Profile: Frito-LAYS

"Betcha can 't eat just one.", this very catchy slogan immediately reminds you of world 's most irresistible potato chip Brand as well as company, Lays, which was introduced no later than 1938. Lay 's chips are sold under division of Frito-lays Inc, which itself is owned by PepsiCo. Inc as a result of 1965 's merger.

In early 1930s, Herman W. Lay started his snack food operations in southern United States, which keeps on growing under the title of "Lays" and by 1961, "Lays" and "Frito company" founded by Elmer Doolin merged to gave birth to the largest of any manufacturer, Frito-lay Inc., which at that time
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SWOT Analysis

Especially less than 5000, almost all of the 10,000 or more even income level can purchase and consume Fruito-Lay’s products.
Brand awareness most people like it
Fruito-Lay’s as a multi-national company must be aware of the tremendous investment spending a huge amount of advertising campaigns for clients.
People are comfortable with price of Fruito-Lay’s products.
Place becoming plus points would mean the company emphasizes its distribution and layout strategy.
Fruito-Lay’s products have a strong brand image, just like back in their pleasure, but also PEPSI International.
Fruito-Lay’s products biggest satisfaction is mixed with the lowest price, which is why customers are highly satisfied with Fruito-Lay’s products. We can say that this is Value = Satisfaction
Fruito-Lay’s products have no restrictions of age or sex.
Fruito-Lay’s products as a snack, but also useful for health-conscious people, because it is composed of grains like wheat, rice and many others.
Fruito-Lay’s products is the type of snack chips, ready to eat.
They also give benefits to retailers
Human capital is the main strength of Fruito-Lay’s

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