Swot Analysis Of Frozen Yogurt

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Customers are likely to be:

People who take seriously think about their health and life-style
Many customers will be young and fairly affluent, heavily basing their choice of Frozen Yogurt on image and location.
Older customers tend to prefer Frozen Yogurt and tea than soft or sugary drink; however by offering services geared toward this group they provide an invaluable source of custom in off-peak periods.
Shoppers who will primarily base their choice on an accessible location and make up the bulk of a Frozen Yogurt s passing trade.
Office workers looking for a quick snack and drink or a relaxing meeting place.
Travelers will be attracted to Frozen Yogurt s situated at transport or shopping locations such as shopping complex, airports,
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In order to differ our brand to other competitors, "SOEAT" will chose to present itself as a middle higher class business. However, due to the need to promote products to a wider market in the first stage, this business also want to be seen as friendly, easy to access and valuable brand. In the beginning of this business, the mainly mission is to survive, and let public familiar with this new business in the area. Next step is to build a firm connection with local community, promote "SOEAT" to the next level, and get a steady profit in daily operating. In future, this business will face to growth and expand, that require keeping the high standard of service and products. "SOEAT" is a small business and both of us equally own this store, so “SO EAT” decide use general partnership as the legal form and each of us will try our best to make this plan come…show more content…
Therefore the business will benefit from a strong image that is attractive to clearly identifiable types of customer.

Issues consider when developing a Frozen yogurt client base include:

Ease of access.
Shop design.
Advertising in certain local publications will increase knowledge of "SOEAT" and a favorable review in the local media will increase interest.
Promotional offers - most Frozen yogurt attract younger customers, however "SOEAT" will also promote the business to older age groups which may be worthwhile or offering deals such as ‘Frozen yogurt and juices deals considering of economic condition and the awareness of healthy life-style.
Good quality juices and Frozen yogurt will be an essential element as the market is highly competitive.
Organic Frozen yogurt will be served which could be promoted along with any other unusual elements of the business.
Word of mouth recommendation will also be important therefore, "SOEAT" will offer good customer service and staff will be aware of this requirement.

"SOEAT" will succeed by offering consumer’s high quality Frozen yogurts and Juices with personal service at a competitive

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