Swot Analysis Of Fruit Jams

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Acknowledgement: We are highly thankful to Sir Ali Rehman ,who provide us with the opportunity to polish our Marketing skills and opens a gate way for us to a new experience of learning. Vision: To spread improved health and better environment throughout the globe. Mission Statement: “Our product focuses on intense customer satisfaction and the innovative method of production and processing of fruit is eco- friendly so, in addition to profits we are eager to spread happiness and health among the customers”. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: “Pure Nurture” is preparing to launch a new series of consumer products i.e.; jams jellies and marmalades in a mature market. Our product has unique features at a value added price.We are targeting specific…show more content…
CURRENT MARKET SITUATION “Pure Nurture” founded recently by 5 entrepreneurs having no prior experience are about to enter the maturing market. The use of fruit jams has increased to greater extent as an essential component of daily breakfast and use of jams in various food items is also notable. This increasing trend is not only observed in higher income groups but also in middle income groups and a mild increase is also observed in lower income groups .So, the overall demand of the product is high and has an increasing trend .Affluent customers are looking for better quality and middle and lower income customers are price conscious Competition is intense the industry is already saturated and Mitchell’s is the market leader capturing 40%Market share ,Shehzan is runner up having 38% market share ,others include Kinza capturing 11% of market share and other small companies are capturing remaining 11% of market share. (Market share from slides share.com annual report of Shehzan…show more content…
• Color that attracts the child • Taste that urges the child to eat • Attractive Labelling and Packaging • Product that delivers the whole benefits of fruit • Easy to prepare • Packaging that is Easy to store and handle • Product that fulfills the nutritional requirement of their children and family • Quality sensitive and Hygienic • Health issues • Diet conscious • Quick and easy to consume • Variety in taste  Products that retain the traditional taste of preserved food  Quality issues • Variety in taste and rich in nutrition • Attractive color • Improved taste • Packaging that appeals to the child • Processed in natural way to retain the natural goodness of fruits • Pure Nurture’s jam is quick and smooth to spread • Pure Nurture’s jam has packaging that is unbreakable and easy to store and handle Product that is ISO certified and processed hygienically  Made in accordance of daily calorie requirement  Low fat and diet free sugar  Fast and easy to spread and easily available  A lot of variety and innovative taste to meet the changing demand of youth  Traditional essence of fruit jam  Hygienic method to processing PRODUCT REVIEW: Our product offers following standard features;  High quality

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