Swot Analysis Of Gardenia

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1.0 Bread-making industry has been around since the 1st century. Due to the increase in demand for fresh, healthy and tasty food, the bread industry has been growing since then. At first, bread is only recognized by people as loaf bread, but now many different types of bread has been created due to the change of technology and consumers’ preferences. This has made many companies in bread industry to compete among each other to increase sales and profit, which result in bread industry to be in a competitive market. In Malaysia, Gardenia is known as one of the leading brand in bread industry and has competed globally. This business in an exemplary of innovation and entrepreneurship in Malaysia as it managed to be the leading bread supplier after four years of its first production lines. Gardenia has been successful in attracting many customers because of their unique recipe in making buns, bread and rolls. Gardenia dominates the market by producing different type of breads that are different from the usual typical bread that is used to make sandwiches. As a result of this, Gardenia has emerged as Malaysia’s leading brand of bread. Gardenia also has expanded its market to Singapore, Philippines and soon to Fujian in China. This business is able to survive in bread-making industry for a long period of time as it is well known for its high quality of products. However in order to maintain its reputation and to increase its market, their company’s strategies need to improve. In

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