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Garg Furnace Ltd (GFL) was set up in 1973 by Dharam Pal Garg and Jagdish Chand Garg. The company has emerged as one of northern India's leading alloy and non alloy steel manufacturer.
The company is the part of Garg Group of companies. Its other group companies are Garg Acrylic Limited and Sudhir Forgings Limited.
The GFL Induction Melting Furnaces are a class apart. For power–efficiency, product quality and yield GFL has different capacity of induction furnaces –each embodying the latest in design and technology. At present the company is manufacturing Alloy and non Alloy steel ingots.
Garg Furnace's has 50,000 sq. yards manufacturing plant with power–efficient induction furnaces, the GFL Induction Melting Furnaces are
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Auto components like all types of Bevel gears–Pinions, Levers. Crank– Cam Shafts, Crosses, Crown wheels etc. and forgings used in construction like Scaffoldings, Thread bars (Dywidag thread) and Fitments like Wing nuts of similar type. In Addition to that we manufacture Nuts, Bolts, Stouts, Long thread bars upto 20ft length and different types of washers.
At Garg Furnace Limited quality control is a credo. This commitment starts with the raw material input. For instance, imported steel scrap is preferred as raw material. Then, there's a special quality control lab, which constantly monitors quality at each and every stage of manufacture. All the critical manufacturing processes occur In–house, all under one roof, quality products are manufactured.
A testimony Garg Furnace Limited's success is its impressive list of clients– representing a cross–section of industry – Railways, Defense, Thermal and Hydel Power Plants, Sugar Mills, Cement and Fertilizer Plants, Mines, Light Engineering Industry etc. etc. – most of whom have been steadfastly loyal to GFL products for over twenty years.
GFL has now stepped into the export market, exporting steel casting to the Middle East Countries. In the future, exports will be a major thrust area for
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It produces Bevel–pinions for all tractors, cars, and Light Commercial Vehicles. The company is supplying them in forged and spheriodised condition as well as machined.




Garg Furnance is the most respected source of environmental conditioning. Their expertise provides the best results for their customers and rewarding careers for their employees.\


Garg Furnance enables its customers to reduce costs, increase quality and enhance the customer’s satisfaction of its customers by precisely controlling environmental conditions wherever they conduct their business.

Core Values
• Treat everyone like you want to be treated
• Think and act positively
• Give honest feedback
• Work collaboratively
• Set goals and adopt high standards
• Keep your promises and honor your commitments
• Take calculated risks, learn from mistakes and celebrate victories
• Build long term partnership with customers and all

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