Swot Analysis Of Grameenphone

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Introduction Telecom industry is the most vital industry in any country. Bangladesh is embellished with various companies and joint ventures that are contributing huge under this industry. Grameenphone is one of them. Grameenphone started its journey in 1997 with a slogan to people’s heart: “Go far beyond.” Now this company has more than 56.679 million customers throughout the country. Over 4728 people are working as an employee in this company. As a market leader, Grameenphone has a stronghold of more than fifty percent of the marketplace. Grameenphone is renowned for innovation mobile based care with cheap rate. As a global representative of Telenor, Grameenphone works at its best to serve customers and bring satisfaction and match their expectations. It provides service to customers in two categories, Pre-paid and post-paid. These two categories are embellished with various voice call discounts and cheap internet packages. Grameenphone tends to work to reach the customer through their satisfaction, not just to take value from them. There are other companies under telecom industries. But Grameenphone is ultimately leading the market just because of some of its unique service systems and innovative marketing strategies. Now, this company has solo purpose to extend and establish its whole network system throughout the country. Porter’s five forces of Grameenphone Porter’s five forces theory was invented by Michael E. Porter which refers to the analysis of the overall

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