Swot Analysis Of Gummy Bears

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Gummy bears are soft, easy to chew, mushy, and squishy. It varies in taste depending on the brand of gummy bears you buy because some brands of gummy bears can be stale and tasteless even if it's sweet.Some gummy bears are sour, that's if the consumer buys sour gummy bears. Gummy bear flavors by color; Green is Strawberry (except the Trolli brand their green gummy bears are lime),Clear is Pineapple Orang is Citrus Yellow is Lemon. Gummy bears ingredients are the same. While sour gummy bears’ ingredients differ FROM non sour gummy bears INGREDIENTS by having CITRIC acid, MALIC ACID, SODIUM MALATE, calcium CITRATE, sodium MALate unlike the non-sour. However both kinds of gummy bears ingredients share corn syrup, glucose (sugar), gelatin,…show more content…
THE ACIDITY LEVEL OR “pH” (THE POWER OF HYDROGEN SCALE) VARIES BETWEEN 2 AND 3. GENERALLY GUMMY CANDY FALL UNDER THE SWEETS CATEGORY. REGULAR GUMMIES CONTAIN FAT-FREE BUT OTHERS CONTAIN SOME FAT AND SATURATED FAT TAKES PART IN THE FAT IT CONTAINS. SINCE GUMMIES ARE CANDY THAT CONTAIN ACID IT CAN CAUSE CAVITIES TO ONE’S TEETH.The man who created these famous and popular gummy bears is Hans Riegel.He also is the creator of Haribo. gummy bears were created in 1922.they were originally named dancing bears they were bigger and thinner than the gummy bears we see today. many companies make it but the most popular ones are Haribo and trolli.one thing that gummy bears don't mix well with is potassium chlorate they sell gummy bear chandelier there are gummy bears with edible 24k gold.if you soak them in water they expand all the different types of gummies for example gummy worm, cherry, hamburgers and many more were inspired by gummy bears because of how popular and successful they became.the largest gummy bear you can buy is 26 pounds if a gummy bear was made out of flesh this is what it’s skeleton would look like.one cool dessert that you can do is gummy bear

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