Swot Analysis Of Gymkhana Restaurant

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The food and beverage outlets chosen for this paper are Gymkhana, Mayfair, and Costa. The Gymkhana, Mayfair is an Indian food restaurant which is in the service sector of the business. The restaurant has received praises from people residing in Britain and has gone on to become one of the most successful restaurants providing Indian food in Britain. The type of operations that this restaurant serves is ethnic foods. The restaurant offers tastes of Indian food by specialising in spicy curry and other dishes. The markets that the restaurant serves are mainly those people who are fond of having ethnic foods that would offer them the taste of food that is on the lines of national cuisine. The customer profiles for Gymkhana restaurant would be people…show more content…
The areas that are divided in the strengths and weaknesses aspect are menus, staffing, resources, merchandising, promotions, and the use of sales space and sales mix. The strengths of Gymkhana restaurant are menu, staffing, and promotions (Mytton, Eyles, & Ogilvie, 2014). The weaknesses of Gymkhana restaurant are resources, merchandising, and sales space and sales mix. The SWOT analysis is shown in Appendix. Strengths The menu provided by the Gymkhana restaurant is of diverse types. There are 7 different kinds of menu provided by the Gymkhana restaurant. They are A LA Carte Menu, Lunch & Early Evening Menu, Tasting Menu, Game Menu, Vault Menu, Dessert Menu, and Raan & Biryani Feast Menu. Customer has the option of tasting a dish by mix and match for a cheap…show more content…
If there is a new entrant taking place in the same field that Gymkhana provides services in, then the management makes certain to change its strategies (AbuKhalifeh, & Som, 2012). Furthermore, Gymkhana does a monthly survey with its visitors in order to understand what they would like and how they would want to be served. Gymkhana is also making certain that they keep track of the new ethnic Indian dishes that are created so that it is able to incorporate them in its menu. Being a Michelin star restaurant, it is important for the management to keep their menus updated with new dishes and try out new dishes as

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