Swot Analysis Of Harley Davidson

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• Harley Davidson has an established name in the superbike industry since it has been selling its bikes since 1903 in the US market. The fact that it has been the top bike-seller in the US market has given the Indian consumers a feeling that it is a known product which creates a good brand image for the company and helps increase its sales.
• Harley Davidson has a loyal customer base since people who enjoy riding and have a passion for the bikes, always buy a Harley Davidson bike.
• The product quality of Harley Davidson is very good and the complaints received from customers are low which makes people want to buy the Harley bikes since they are safe. Harley Davidson does its pre-delivery check to ensure that the quality is maintained.
• Harley Davidson started producing its bikes in Bawal, Haryana in 2011 which gave them a competitive edge over other foreign bike companies since they are able to avoid the import taxes to an extent which enables them to sell the bikes at a lower price.
• Harley Davidson sells thirteen bike models in India which is a good product portfolio for a bike company. Along with selling bikes it also sells a large number of merchandise products such as apparels, helmets, etc. which helps the company reach a wider target audience.
• Harley Davidson has a good research team which creates innovative bike designs that helps the brand get distinguished from other brands.
• Harley Davidson is known for the sound of its bikes and therefore the passionate

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