Swot Analysis Of Harley Davidson

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STRENGHTS 1. Harley Owners Group (HOG) Rallies: The company has its characteristics rallies named as “Harley Owners Group” on a regular basis which involves Harley owners from different parts of the nation to communicate & experience a different lifestyle. The members of Harley owners groups are 1.2 million. 2. Range of Product: Harley is trying to solve the ageing problem of the current customer base with its diversified product range like they recently introduced bikes with the engine of 500 CC & 750 CC so as to make it more acceptable to the younger. 3. High Customer attraction: The Company is adopting promotional strategies & branding, that has helped it in creating a strong consumers thereby having a high target and preference of it. 4. Cult Brand: Harley Davidson has transformed itself as a cult brand & positioned itself in niche segment of High CC cruiser bikes. Harley Davidson has been leading company for the last 10 years. 5. Loyal Customer Base: With its strong image of quality and ‘freedom’ Harley has crafted its niche position in the market which is also backed by Harley Davidson Merchandising. 6. Due to a rich heritage and financial stability parent company is on the growing path 7. Innovation: Harley Davidson presents two new models this year- one is for men and another is for women. Harley Davidson introduced water-cooled engines, fuel injection and catalytic converters in bikes to improve exhaust emissions. 8. Strong Financial position: The company due to

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