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1. Introduction This essay is an analysis of the Hasbro company supply chain management. Hasbro is an enterprise found in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1923 by three brothers. Henry, Hilal, and Herman Hassenfeld. In the beginning, they were in the cloth remnant business, selling cloth leftovers as their main source of income. By the mid-1920s they were using the leftover cloths to make hat liners and pencil-box covers as their business. On the late 1930s, the Hassenfeld Brothers began to produce toys for kids, an extension to the company 's initial business line of selling school supplies. They started with a wide range of toys that included medical sets for junior nurses and doctors and model clay. At 1942, the demand for school supplies had dropped considerably, Hasbro had become primarily a toy company after dropping its focus on school supplies. On 1954, Hassenfeld managed to obtain licencing on the Disney characters. By 1960, their revenues managed to hit $12 million. After that, the Hassenfeld Brothers had become one of the largest private toy companies in the US. Now they are the 2nd top toy manufacturer in the world, second only to their competitor Mattel. [1] Hasbro has spanned its operations all over the world. Having their range of…show more content…
They are delivered via trucks, trains, barges, and container vessels. In order to reduce transport costs and pollutant emissions, Hasbro resorts to using fewer delivery trips. In 2013 Hasbro launched a “milk runs” program. This is the process of loading products from their many factories into a single container. This program eliminates the need to have multiple trucks going to the main factory, instead relying on one truck to leave the main factory for the port. This is done by one truck taking a container from one factory to another, and then takes the full container directly to the port for shipping.

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