Swot Analysis Of Hilton

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Marketing is a term to define as Whom, Where and How to showcase your product and service. It’s explained as; a channel of communication towards its buyers and consumers involving several steps of processing, inventing, developing, delivering and satisfying needs of its users.
Marketing Process:
It’s a unification of all the steps taken towards marketing, and a clear path of all efforts used to display the product. It’s a sequence of steps in which situation is analyzed to identify opportunities, the strategy is formulated for a value proposition, the plan is implemented and the results are monitored.

1- Situational Analysis:
The scrutiny of the present past and future aspects to meet and understand its user’s needs, wants and requirements on the basis of an organization 's internal and external environment.

- Hilton is the world’s well known Hospitality Company, comprising of 14 world-class brands. It’s one of the fastest expending hospitality companies in the world, with around Five Thousand properties comprising over Eight Hundred Thousand rooms in One Hundred plus countries.
- Hilton serves its customers with Loyalty Programs with an extensive range of benefits including discounted prices, digital check-in, free internet access, late check-out and others. A strong focus of customer loyalty program by providing services to 60 million members, portray the brand loyalty among new customers and affects future revenues.
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