Swot Analysis Of Himalaya

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Himalaya products

Company profile
• Type: Private
• Founded: 1930
• Headquarters: Bangalore, India
• Area served: Global (92 Countries)
• Key people: M Manal (Founder) & Philipe Haydon (CEO)
• Products: Herbal medicine
• Bestselling product: Liv. 52
Background and journey of Himalaya herbals
Himalaya herbal healthcare is quite popular in India for its ‘Ayurvedic’ products. Having the vision of bringing wellness to everyone their product portfolio includes Heal-to-heel healthcare & wellness products. The main reason behind Himalaya herbal care being popular is their USP of adding Ayurvedic ingredients in most of their product. In fact, 99% of their
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To look after baby’s soft skin, fragile bones and sanitation needs, Himalaya has created the long-lasting list of products. To keep the baby’s skin soft as cotton, there are baby cream, baby lotion, and baby powder. When it comes to fragile bones Himalaya also offers baby massage oil & baby gentle bath, baby shampoo and heated powder for other need. To prevent the baby from sanitation problems Himalaya herbals care offers baby diapers, baby pants, diaper rash cream & powder, Gentle & soothing baby wipes, refreshing, nourishing and extra moisturizing baby soaps.
Himalaya nutrition product
Himalaya's nutrition health range is limited yet combines the knowledge of Ayurveda with modern science, to give children and adults a daily herbal nutritional health supplement that provides the benefits of scientifically validated age-old herbs along with essential vitamins and minerals. HiOwna kids, HiOwna, and HiOwna momz are the only products are offered by Himalaya in this domain which is certainly the part of pharmaceutical products.
Himalaya animal care
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Most of the personal care products such as Himalaya men’s products, skin care, hair care products are the most economical compared to other international brands. In general, product ranges from Rs.50 to Rs. 150 for various daycare need products. While the price of pharmaceutical products can be higher as they are supposed to prevent the life-threatening diseases. The baby care products, animal care product and other wellness products are also affordable yet effective compared to other all-chemical products. You can always check their prices
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