Swot Analysis Of Hmv

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Over the past few years, the world has seen a revolutionary metamorphosis in technology. Since the invention of the private computer and integration of the Internet and email, thousands of businesses worldwide boomed in productivity and profits. Technology has been advancing at an ever-growing rate, becoming increasingly important in both enterprises and day-to-day lives. More options become readily available; from the rapid development of new software, hardware, and everything in between, to the immersion of e-commerce, completely remodeling the preceding business structure. Thus, business must learn to adapt to the changes and keep up with this contemporary revolution, shaping their strategy and vision to accommodate to modern day
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HMV has been a dominant company in the music and entertainment industry since it started in 1921. This long-time standing gives the brand a unique recognition and loyalty from customers as well as an easier way to achieve accreditation, endorsement or official support from other firms. For example, both Disney and 20th Century Fox have agreed to promote HMV events, artists, and films in an attempt to aid HMV in its attempt at survival and prevent Amazon from expanding much further. However, this didn’t prove to be very successful, with Amazon market shares still rising and HMV market shares still decreasing, as was shown in previous sections of this report with the comparison of 2012 and 2013 market shares in the music

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