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7. Marketing mix: Positioning
So far, we analysed the environment the Holyrood Inn will face from the economic, social, technological, competitive and political points of view. We also evaluated the possible opportunities and threats, and the strength and weaknesses of the hotel through the SWOT matrix. Finally, we investigated the market demand for this service and we find out the target market where Holyrood Inn will perform its economic activity. At this point, we will develop the positioning the hotel will put in practice in order to reach out this segment of potential consumers in order to obtain profits.
One of the most common ways to elaborate the strategies the Holyrood Inn will use are thought the called “marketing mix” coined by Neil
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Particularly in a hotel, to have an inviting and practical design is an indispensable characteristic from the very beginning, and consumers will have it present in their minds and will look for a place that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. The most essential decision about the design is how will it look from the outside, its appearance. There are two main alternatives to consider: it can either look as an adapted hotel for disabled people (the core mission of the company), or as a normal hotel with a conventional appearance. From the Marchmont Group we decided the second option, an ordinary outlook for Holyrood Inn as it fits better with the ultimate goal of inclusivity and integration. The flipside of a hotel with a façade showing that is an adapted building for people with special needs may cause discouragement by consumers because, as already mentioned, the last goal of the term inclusiveness is the no differentiation between them and the rest of society. In addition, very often these community travels with companions (such as family, friends or care takers mainly for safety and confidence reasons) and a hotel with the looking orthopaedic and therapeutic could be an inhibitor for them when booking the accommodation since they could have the feeling of spending their holidays, where most of them seek disconnection and relaxation, at a place that…show more content…
A hotel with an inadequate dimension can lead to an unsatisfied demand due to an insufficient supply capacity (in the case it is too small), or alternatively to high maintenance costs that are not recovered if the rooms are empty (in the case it is too big). Therefore, we decided to avoid risk and go for the safe option, so we will opt for a medium size hotel of Holyrood Inn (110 rooms). Furthermore, as the first year in a market with almost inexistent benchmarks, it is very complicated to forecast the future demand and hence an excessive size of the building would suppose high costs to afford during the growth

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