Swot Analysis Of Honda Motor Company

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Honda Motor co, is a Japanese corporation founded on October 1946 and was incorporated on 24th of September 1948. The company manufacture , develops and distribute automobiles, power products & aircrafts worldwide.

The company operates four segments as follows:
1. Motorcycle business:
This segment develops and produces sport models including trial and moto-cross racing vehicles; business and commuter models; all-terrain vehicles; and side-by-side models.

2. Automobile business:
This segment develops and manufacture passenger cars, light trucks and mini vehicles, as well as vehicles powered with alternative fuel, such as ethanol, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles.

3. Financial services business :
This segment provides various financial services, including retail lending, leasing, and other financial services comprising wholesale financing to dealers and customers.

4. Power Product and Other Businesses:

this engages in in the manufacture and sale of various power products consisting of general-purpose engines, generators, water pumps, lawn mowers, riding mowers, grass cutters, brush cutters, tillers, snow blowers, outboard marine engines, power carriers, sprayers, pressure washers, cogeneration units and Hondajet aircraft.

The purpose of this report is to look at the profitability of the company through the analysis of it is financial stamens and comparing the results with the results of its competitors.

 Profitability ratios:

These ratios are a

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